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Bed Bug Control.

Bedbugs or Cimex lectularius as they are also know as are a growing problem in Scotland and the wider world.


In fact, a report by the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS) argued that the rise in the bedbug population across the globe was in real danger of becoming a "major public health issue" and a "global bed bug pandemic".


For the public sector and businesses such as guest houses and hotels, the accurate identification and extermination of bedbugs is a high priority.


Our professional pest control team can provide expert advice and provide powerful bedbug treatments that are effective and safe.

Health Issues.

Recently, bedbugs have not just restricted themselves to, well… beds. There have been many cases of infestations on the seats of trains, buses and even in our customers cars. If it's upholstered, then it's an attractive home.

Up to the present time, there are no known human diseases transmitted by these pests and are not considered dangerous. But those who have an infestation can experience a great deal of distress and anxiety.

How to Identify Bed Bugs.

Bedbugs love to live in and around your bed (or other upholstered material) and are attracted to our body heat and carbon dioxide. They come out at night and bite your skin in hope of feeding on your blood. You can identify an infestation by a distinctive almond smell and the red or rusty spots they leave on sheets and pillows.

Although there is a classic pattern of straight lines of red bite marks which can take up to 10 days to appear, not everyone is visually affected by their nibbles in the same way. Here are some of the classic signs you may have a bedbug problem;

  • Almond smell.


  • Red/Rusty spots on bed linen.


  • Unexplained skin rash or bite marks.


  • Check for blood spots that may have come from your own skin.


  • Inspect crevasses with a torch for signs of the bugs, including mottled shells.

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