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Seagulls: An Introduction.

Seagulls (Herring Gull) that choose to nest on or in your property can cause serious problems for your business. They not only exhibit frightening behaviour during the summer months, their nesting and feeding habits can also result in structural property damage.


Our native seagull population are a really interesting species. Not only are they monogamous and live for well over 20 years, they have an exceptionally high nest fidelity, returning to the same rooftop and cliff-top sites year after year.


Below we have provided a short guide to seagulls in Scotland and if you have any questions or would like to discuss how our specialist bird control team can help your business please get in touch for a free quotation.


What's the problem?


The Herring Gull is the most common seagull in urban Scotland and over the last ten years has become a real nuisance for residents and businesses alike. Gulls can; create mess with their droppings, landing on people, cars, washing and other property; damage property by their picking of roof materials and also by their nests which can create dampness and block gutters; damage gas flues and chimneys with nesting debris, preventing proper ventilation of your property; dive and swoop down on people and pets.

Aggressive Behaviour.

After their courtship in March/April the females will lay three eggs around early summer. From the time their chicks hatch, until they fledge in July/August, the female's protective and territorial instincts result in their characteristic diving and swooping behaviour. They do so to protect their young.


Such aggressive behaviour can be unsettling for unsuspecting members of the public who are targeted and can provide looming anxiety for members of the community who anticipate the return of the birds year after year.

What Can Be Done?

Although there has been a rise in the Gull population in our cities over the past decade, overall there has been a 70% reduction in their numbers, particularly in coastal areas. Because of this they are now classed as a protected species with restrictions on what measures can be taken to control them. YOU CAN however take some steps such as bird deterrents and nest removal. Below are just some of specialist bird control techniques and technologies;


Seagull Control Services

Seagull Spikes

Anti Bird Netting Systems

Spring and Wire

Licensed Bird Nest & Egg Removal

Electric Bird Deterrent Systems

Acoustic Bird Scaring Systems

Bird Deterrent Gels


If you are experiencing problems with nuisance seagulls please contact us for a free quotation or advice. You can call us FREE on 0141 889 2999 or use our contact page.

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