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Pigeons Fines? Well in the Maine.


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By Excel Environmental Services

Here in Scotland Pigeons are a constant source of public nuisance, noise and mess. There are many bird control methods to combat the congregation of Pigeons but no one approach is as effective as reducing the amount of food available and of course encouraging members of the public to not feed them. Some have even suggested fining those who continually feed them, but surely that would be a step too far?


Well not for the local council in Bangor, Maine in the USA.


A local resident of Drew Lane (who remains nameless) feeds the Pigeons every morning. The birds love it but his neighbours say that it is out of control. According to the Bangor Daily News, such was the locals anger that the town council introduced a new by-law that prohibits "any practice that attracts large numbers of animals that creates unsafe or unsanitary conditions", with fines ranging from $50 to $200.


Local "anti bird" residents claim that their decking gets "nailed" every time with others citing that they have to "clean their cars everyday" due to the corrosion that can occur with Pigeon poop.


Now that the fines are in place the Locals of Drew Lane hope that their Hitchcockian days are over.


Read the original article on the Bangor Daily New.

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