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How the Seasons Effect Pest Control.

Throughout the seasons of the year there can be a whole range of different pest problems that both households and businesses can face.


Below is a short list of the most common insect, vermin and bird control problems that we tackle during spring, summer, autumn and winter.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with these pests or think that you may have an infestation, please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to help. You can call our head office FREE on 0141 889 2999 or use our contact form.


Wasp Seasonal Pest Control
Ant Seasonal Pest Control
Flies Seasonal Pest Control

The summer months can bring the best weather to Scotland but the consequences of the hot days and wet afternoons can create a whole range of pest and insect control problems.


One of the most difficult insect to eradicate from July to September are the various species of Ants that live in the UK.  Unlike other nuisance insects they require a pest control professional to take care of the job.


Wasps are another unwelcome flying insect that tend to become a real problem near the end of August or the beginning of September. Not only can they be a put off for your customers they can for some cause a serious allergic reaction.


For those business who serve or handle food the summer months can bring a whole new set of problems as the fly population rises exponentially in hot and wet environments. Food stuffs can be ruined and reputations harmed if infestations are not eradicated immediately.

Late Spring - Early Summer.

Seagulls Diving

Seagulls that choose to nest on or in your property can cause significant problems for your business.


They not only exhibit frightening behaviour during the summer months, their nesting and feeding habits can also result in structural property damage.


Below is our essential guide to the dangers of Seagulls, but be sure to visit our main seagull control page for a more in depth guide.


The Herring Gull is the most common "seagull" in urban Scotland and over the last ten years has become a real nuisance for residents and businesses alike. Gulls can;

  • Create mess with their droppings, landing on people, cars, washing and other property.


  • Damage property by their picking of roof materials and also by their nests which can create dampness and block gutters.


  • Damage gas flues and chimneys with nesting debris, preventing proper ventilation of your property.


  • Dive and swoop down on people and pets.

All Year Round.

Seasonal Pigeon

Vermin are the pest control company's nemesis. They are everywhere and we will track them wherever they go.


Unfortunately, rats and mice are an all year round problem and can cause havoc for homes and businesses alike. Head over to our rat control or mice control pages for more information.


The feral Pigeon has become an all too familiar sight in Glasgow and across our other cities and towns, flocking on buildings, rooftops and town centres. As with rats and mice, pigeons are also an all year problem, creating mess and damaging property.


No matter where, it is the abundance of available food and nesting areas that will attract them and keep them coming back again and again. Take a look at our commercial pigeon control or residential bird control pages for more information.


If you would like to discuss our range of pest control services please call our office FREE on 0141 889 2999 or visit our contact page. If you feel your issue is an emergency you can use the same phone number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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